Planning on some quilting, but have no knowledge of the fabric? No doubt, we all get confused when it comes to choosing the right fabric for our proposed work as textures that it is hard to know where to begin! Here we are, listing some fabrics, along with their usage to make your quilting experience easy and enjoyable.

  • Quilting cottons
    This is also referred as the “medium weight cottons” are fabrics that are often used for home and sewing accessories. From cushions, bags to of course quilts, they come in an array of beautiful designs and quirky prints. This fabric tends to feel stiff and maintain their shape, without losing its hanging. It is preferably the best fabric for quilting because it is 100% cotton. Before quilting, it is always advised fabric test for color fastness and to avoid shrinkage of the fabric, cotton used should always be pre-washed and even dried before cutting process.
  • best-beddingsVoile fabric
    This fabric has recently become a popular choice for quilters for its light weight characteristics. Voile being a soft, lightweight cotton can be easily combined and mix matched with quilting weight cottons that is an excellent material for quilts which gives it a softer and silky finish.
  • Linen fabric
    Linen combined with cotton or an all-cotton fabric with the linen look and texture is one of the most popular choices among quilters, as it is easy to mix and match it with different types of fabrics and could also be used along with quilting weight cottons. Linen makes a good choice for quilting and sewing home decor.
  • Flannel
    For its soft and warming material, flannels are a popular choice, especially for baby quilts because it is great for sensitive bodies which tend to ordinarily react to 100% natural fibers such as wool or silk. Flannels popular for their warmness, makes it fantastic for children, especially residing in cooler climates.
  • Woolen fabric
    Known for its softness, warmth and sustainability, makes great fabric for Australian wool quilt. This fabric is washable and durable and makes a perfect quality for a baby quilt.  Apart from sheep’s wool, Alpaca wool is also among a choice of quilters as its wool is soft, durable and luxurious and makes great as a fabric for alpaca wool quilt. For Beginners, 100% cotton is great to work with. Make sure that weave tight is strong enough to withstand years of washing and use, as a loosely woven fabric may cause problems with rips, tears and too tight woven fabric would be difficult to work with.
Quick Guide To Quilt Fabric