Quick Guide To Quilt Fabric

Planning on some quilting, but have no knowledge of the fabric? No doubt, we all get confused when it comes to choosing the right fabric for our proposed work as textures that it is hard to know where to begin! Here we are, listing some fabrics, along with their usage to make your quilting experience easy and enjoyable.

  • Quilting cottons
    This is also referred as the “medium weight cottons” are fabrics that are often used for home and sewing accessories. From cushions, bags to of course quilts, they come in an array of beautiful designs and quirky prints. This fabric tends to feel stiff and maintain their shape, without losing its hanging. It is preferably the best fabric for quilting because it is 100% cotton. Before quilting, it is always advised fabric test for color fastness and to avoid shrinkage of the fabric, cotton used should always be pre-washed and even dried before cutting process.
  • Voile fabric
    This fabric has recently become a popular choice for quilters for its light weight characteristics. Voile being a soft, lightweight cotton can be easily combined and mix matched with quilting weight cottons that is an excellent material for quilts which gives it a softer and silky finish.
  • Linen fabric
    Linen combined with cotton or an all-cotton fabric with the linen look and texture is one of the most popular choices among quilters, as it is easy to mix and match it with different types of fabrics and could also be used along with quilting weight cottons. Linen makes a good choice for quilting and sewing home decor.
  • Flannel
    For its soft and warming material, flannels are a popular choice, especially for baby quilts because it is great for sensitive bodies which tend to ordinarily react to 100% natural fibers such as wool or silk. Flannels popular for their warmness, makes it fantastic for children, especially residing in cooler climates.
  • Woolen fabric
    Known for its softness, warmth and sustainability, makes great fabric for Australian wool quilt. This fabric is washable and durable and makes a perfect quality for a baby quilt.  Apart from sheep’s wool, Alpaca wool is also among a choice of quilters as its wool is soft, durable and luxurious and makes great as a fabric for alpaca wool quilt. For Beginners, 100% cotton is great to work with. Make sure that weave tight is strong enough to withstand years of washing and use, as a loosely woven fabric may cause problems with rips, tears and too tight woven fabric would be difficult to work with.best-beddings

Make Your House More Entertaining With These Additions

You will always want to stay in comfort within your own house. The sole purpose of having a house for yourself is to give you the necessary shelter, security and the comfort that you want in life. However, if your house is a dull place to be, it will have a negative impact on the other aspects of your life as well. This is why you need to look into ways to make your house more entertaining. When you look into the matter, it will be clear to you that there are quite a few steps that can be taken in ensuring that your house is a place that can be enjoyed well.

When taking the necessary steps to make your house a place that is entertaining, you will not be the only one that will be benefited through it. Everyone who comes to the house will have the same level of enjoyment, and your house will be an ideal place to have parties and celebrations.
Here are some simple, and fun additions that you could make in making your house more entertaining.

A TV lounge

A Television will be a common addition that can be seen in any house of the modern day. However, if you actually pay attention towards creating a TV lounge, it will be possible for you to see how impactful it could be. You will be able to enjoy a movie in ideal ways when you do so, and it will also be possible for you to have some friends over and go on entertaining movie marathons.

Getting on with this matter is simple. You just need to place the TV on a good Scandinavian TV unit Sydney, get some comfortable seating arrangements and adjust the lighting of the area accordingly.

A bar area

Having a bar area within the house will be one of the most entertaining additions that you could make. You just have to have a fridge or a mini-fridge, a counter top and some long-lasting bar stools surrounding it. Such an area will prove to be so effective when you want to sip a drink with the visitors to your house, and will also contribute towards the classy nature of the house.

An attractive garden

You might not always have a garden area in your land, but if you have it, you need to make sure that you make ideal use out of it. Having an attractive garden is quite entertaining and it will allow you to create a positive impression on the house by everyone that walks through the garden and comes to the house.

Neaten Your Garden Without Plants

If you are a reluctant gardener, getting dirt under your fingernails while weeding and pruning may not be your idea of a Saturday morning. Nonetheless, a garden is much more attractive when it is neatly kept so if gardening really isn’t your thing, you may consider the following ways in which you can make your garden look attractive.

Replace the Ground

To prevent weeds from sprouting after every shower, use travertine pavers to line your garden. They will look like natural rock and also be smooth underfoot. If they don’t appeal to you or are too expensive, use concrete interlock bricks. The idea is to have a surface that looks natural but is less hassle when it comes to maintenance. Remember however that the garden will still require a once over every few months as weeds are resilient and can grow in the smallest of cracks.

Original Look

If you prefer the authentic look, you can invest in an artificial turf, while a high quality stone paving may also have the same effect. Although initial costs are high, they are easy to maintain, there will be no irritating bugs or insects, and it will remain green throughout the year without the need for watering or any serious gardening – perfect for the low-maintenance tenant.

Remove the Greenery

A garden doesn’t always have to have plants. You can strip it bare and cover it with crushed rock or pebbles like in a Japanese rock garden. The granite chips prevent the growth of weeds while slowing down the fall of rain on the ground, which may cause run-off. This allows the water to slowly seep into the ground instead of simply washing the top soil away. You can place rounded stones one on top of the other and this would make the garden look much more creative.

Build Something

If you have children, the best way to transform your garden into a hassle-free zone is to turn it into a jungle gym for the children. You can pave the ground with recycled foam rubber squares (there are non-toxic versions for use in children’s playgrounds) and then install a swing set, a slide set or a jungle gym where your children can play along with their friends.
So if you want to change your garden radically and get rid of the dirt, the plants and the huge load of work that come from it you can pave the floor, you can strew pebbles or stone chips on it, you can lay artificial turf or you can convert your garden into kiddie heaven – your move.